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High Pressure Cold Water Jet Cleaners

High Pressure Cold Water Jet Machines

High Pressure Water jetting is an environmentally-safe method used to handle cleaning, cutting and surface preparation problems in a variety of industrial applications. This versatile technology has been proven effective for use with materials as diverse as rubber, composites, metals and even foodstuffs.

High Pressure Hot Water Jet Machines

High Pressure Hot Water Jet Machines

Hot water jetting system are best at jobs, where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. In power washing process the heat is the most essential element of cleaning. Heat and high water temperature combined create an abrasive action...

Steamy Generators


Steamy Generator to Exploit the full potential of steam with the series of multipurpose machines which produces and deliver steam, deliver detergent, remove dissolved dirt and/or dry without suction. It can be used with complete safety with the technical features and security devices adopted.

Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner comes in different sizes, colors and styles; they all display common structures and provide immense benefits to users. This tool is built with powerful motor that allows the unit to suck all the unwanted elements in the surfaces and even in the air.


Brands under the vertical

Welcome to Shiromani

ShirOmani is in the field of manufacturing High Pressure Plunger Pump Since 1978. Founder of this company Late Mr. Subhash Parikh who had 40 yrs. of vast experience in the field, he was a technocrat who has worked with many Indian Renowned Industries like Walchandnagar Industries Limited, Grindwell Norton Ltd. etc.,

He developed Force feed lubrication system for Indian Compressor, Pump Manufacturer & became OEM for the same.

ShirOmani has two another brands under the vertical “VERTEX & Shashwat”, “VERTEX” is known for Force Feed Lubricators and it is the only Indian brand available which is 100% made in India and Performance is equivalent to International brands, "Shashwat" is known as the preferred supplier for customised & quality Hydraulic Cylinders & Hydraulic Power Pack.

Now shirOmani is going to enter in High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Equipment’s, shirOmani is known for its quality and after sale service, which is directly handled by Mrs. Veena Parikh (MBA from ISB), and she has been recognized for her entrepreneurship by Institutions & Government of India many times.


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